DoCash DC-45V Note counter

Desktop Sized Practical Tito and ticket imaging solution! Lowest reject rate on the market.

Tickets have a designated TITO mode , for easy transfer onto a full sized SD card, for a smooth transition to PC.

Perfect note and ticket solution for ticket imaging in all states!

Designed in Germany, high quality production

  • Mixed Note Value Counting
  • Note Sorting
  • Note Facing
  • Note Orientation
  • Dual CIS Imaging Read Head
  • Up to 30 different Note Currencies Available
  • High quality Note Counterfeit Detection.
  • IR (infrared)Technology
  • Double Detection
  • UV (Ultra Violet) sensor Technology
  • MG (Magnetic) sensor Technology
  • TITO Ticket Off-sorting
  • 4 Pickup rollers for added stability
  • Note Adding and Note Batching
  • High Hopper Capacity for small footprint machine
  • Stacker Capacity 250 notes
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Easy to read touch screen


  • Thermal Printer
  • Customer Display
  • Banknote Serial Number Capture
  • Fitness Sorting
  • USB / LAN / SD Card
  • 12 month warranty


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DoCash DC-45V Note counter