Note counters

Note Counters – DoCash & MIB

BK Electronics offer the highest of quality note counters, for all volumes of cash counted. Here you’ll find our full range of DoCash and MIB Note Counters.

Each of these Note Counters have the potential to provide your business with the solution to your cash and currency counting functions. If you’re counting multiple currencies and/or Tito Tickets, we can recommend from either our German DoCash Brand or Korean MIB Brand.

As DoCash are the newest brand to the Australian Market, they have proven to be a strong and reliable range of machines, solidifying their place in business’ across the country. The DoCash DC45-1v has been the most popular of the DoCash range, its compact design, reliability and ease of use have proven to be highly desirable by our current customers.

MIB have been in Australia for sometime, these machines and their technology have stood the test of time, and continue to help customers through Australia.

If you wish to find out which Note Counter will best suit your business, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your best suited options.