DoCash DC45-1v – Pocket Note Counter

DoCash DC45-1v

DoCash – Pocket Note Counter

DoCash Cube: Automatic banknote detector with auto-feed function and a portable denomination counter. DoCash is a German brand and design.

DoCash DC45-1v – Single Pocket Note Counter / Sorter  

  • Mixed Note Denominations Value Counting
  • Note Sorting by Note Denominations, Note Face, Note Orientation & New and Old
  • Extremely low Reject Rate
  • Optional note Foreign Currency – Standard 16 Currency (Expanded to 30)
  • Mixed note Currencies Mode (up to 4 currencies run simultaneously and displayed on screen)
  • Auto note Currency Detection Mode
  • Advanced note Counterfeit and Fake Notes Detection

DoCash DC45-1v offers:

  1. Single CIS Note Sensor (Contact Image Sensor)
  2. IR (infrared) Note Sensor
  3. Double Detection Note Sensors
  4. UV (Ultra Violet) Note Sensor
  5. MG (Magnetic) Note Sensor

The DoCash DC45-1v features:

  • TITO Tickets Off Sorting with reliable 4 Pickup Rollers Assembly
  • Transaction History Note Report with Export to SD card
  • Note Count, Note Add & Note Batch & Note Sub-batch Modes
  • Compact & Light & Quiet Operation
  • Variable Speeds 1000 / 1200 / 1500 Note/Minute
  • Hopper Capacity 500 with ability to load whilst running
  • Stacker Capacity up to 300
  • User Friendly and Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Read Colour Touch LCD
  • Optional Thermal Printer
  • Optional Customer Display
  • Ports: USB / SD Card / RS232
  • Colour – Blue or Grey
  • Dimensions w28 x d26 x h27 cm
  • Weight 9g
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • German Brand, Design and Quality

DoCash note counter information

The DoCash DC45-1v Single Pocket note counter is the first model introduced into the Australia market from the DoCash Brand in Jan 2020. Built and designed with the quality and experience of German Engineering, the DoCash DC45-1v has proven to be highly reliable and accurate with the lowest note rejection rate on the market. Its ability to handle TITO Tickets in gaming venues with ease, has also solved many of the issues of other branded note counters.

Using IR (infrared), UV (ultra-violet), MG (magnetic), the DC45-1v detects counterfeits, counts mixed notes, sorts by denomination, face and orientates and batches notes with ease. The DC45-1v also sports a user friendly interface, with digit input on touch screen.

The DoCash DC45-1v is the most reliable and compact 2 pocket note counter you will find, that has all your functions covered.

DoCash DC45-1v Optional accessories – Thermal Printer and/or Customer Display.

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DoCash DC45-1v – Pocket Note Counter